Lactoferrin: The Lactoferrin in Bene Win milk, is the core immune protein, same with that also present in human breast milk. Only 1 gram of Lactoferrin is able to be extracted from 14,000 grams of Australian fresh milk, which is praised as "the gold in milk". It is hard to absorb enough in normal packaged milk, because Lactoferrin may be lost in the processing period of high temperature sterilization.

Immunoglobulin-IgG: Colostrum is known as "the white gold in milk", Bene Win seeks the Colostrum within 48 hours after production from Australian pregnant cows, which contains over 20% Immunoglobulin (IgG), far higher than the 10% required by Chinese dairy industry regulations. Colostrum is yellowish and mellower than normal milk, which is the secret of Bene Win's milk with great taste.