From Australia to China, from South Gippsland to Bene Win

Release date:2020-06-22

Australia is the smallest land of the word, but also the world's largest island. Australia attaches great importance to protect its natural resources and prevent invasion of alien species with strict customs inspection and quarantine measures. Especially, the regulation of ecological animal husbandry and dairy production is very strict, even harsh. So, Australia is the sole country without mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease as well as bird flu in the world, known as "the earth garden".

In addition to strong boxing Kangaroo and charmingly naive Koala, the endless green grassland pasture is also well known in Australia. Especially the South Gippsland pastures at 37 degrees south altitude, in vast and flat terrain, with mild and pleasant weather, praised as "the heaven of dairy cows", is the worldwide famous golden dairy farm. It remains green throughout the year, 30% of which is ryegrass and rest is red and white clover. Bene Win's dairy cows never worry about the "food safety question", rotational grazing on different pastures according to their growth cycles, is taken to promise the best food for them all the year round.

Speaking of cows, we have to praise the world-famous dairy cow - "Holstein cows" who supply high quality milk material to Bene Win, well-adapted and less sickness with highest yield of the world, is one of most important quality dairy cow. The "ear card" is taken with them from birth, as their exclusive mark to monitor each cow's body information and yield change by card scanning, for timely corresponding measures once any abnormal event happen.

Bene Win spent two years to build the product ecological chain successfully after the integration with Australian superior pasturelands and continental dairy factory – Viplus Dairy, to import the high quality milk powder from Australia to China, with the processing on fresh milk from pastureland, wet and dry mixing process, scientific production management, automatic packing, and strictly custom inspection.

Bene Win joined Dairy Industry Association of Australia and were awarded on its instant full cream formula milk powder and instant skim formula milk powder as the membership in product competition at 2020. Meanwhile, its products has passed the inspection in Australia and China both, and four certificates can be offered to strictly ensure the product quality, including Australian Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Inbound Goods, China Customs Declaration for Import Goods.

Good milk powder is not only has the high quality of raw milk, also need good production craft to keep fresh and remain nutrients. Two kinds of milk powder production process are common in the market currently: 1) Dry process technology: product by not all fresh milk, join different kinds of solid nutrients, undertakes secondary repackage after fully mixing, this kind of processing is convenient but cannot ensure uniform distribution of nutrients, while this is the risk of secondary pollution. 2) Wet process technology: process the milk into powder under the liquid status of raw material, may result into thermal nutrition loss which cannot replenish in further processing.

Bene Win adapts the modern dry and wet mixing technology, process the fresh milk by low temperature wet spray and dry mixing lactoferrin and colostrum to remain nutrients, and using nitrogen preservation in package to keep fresh and extend product guarantee time to 24 months.

The Lactoferrin mixed in Bene Win milk powder imported from Australia, is one kind of safe and reliable natural nutrient extracted from cow's milk, not only participate in the transfer of iron, also has powerful biological functions on broad spectrum antibacterial, antioxidant, anticancer, regulating immune system. It is considered to be a new antibacterial and anticancer drugs, and one kind of food nutrition enhancer with extremely development potential. Colostrum contains immunoglobulin G (IgG). Scientific research shows, comparison to normal milk, colostrum contains more protein and fat and vitamin and minerals as well as other conventional nutrients, and contains more active ingredients, such as immune factors. That is the effect of immunoglobulin, is able to enhance the self-immune system, offer the function of defense and protection to human body and improve the sub-health status of modern citizens.

Many troubles of human body, will come to the problem of nutrition. Are you still struggling to the choice of suitable milk powder? Try Bene Win, good nutrition, more protection.

Good milk with great lactoferrin, one cup every day for whole solution.