Bene Win --- The Nutritional Value of good milk

Release date:2020-06-22

2020 is destined to be extraordinary for a year, the Novel Coronavirus broke out in full force and lasted a few months of the nation's resistance to disease, finally get effective control. We all know that the outbreak besides medical control, our own immunity is the key. Chinese academy of engineering academician Mr. Zhong Nanshan had said in an interview with the media: "the best doctor is human immunity, a strong immune system is the fundamental base to fight the virus." And mentioned that he and his father must adhere to drink a glass of milk in the morning and evening. The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control also suggests students drink a glass of milk every day after back to school. Actually, The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese People, had firstly put forward the plan "300 grams of milk" in 1988, namely that each resident in our country drinks 300 grams of milk or equivalent amount of dairy products every day. Upon the emergence of the outbreak, National Health Commission of China mentioned again, try to ensure 300 grams of milk and dairy products every day.

This is enough to demonstrate that milk has played a significant role in improving immunity.

But which kind of milk is the good milk? How to choose? Are all kinds of nutrients in milk? What nutrients in milk is scarce and difficult to absorb in other food?

Research has shown that immunoglobulin (immunoglobulin G, lgG) is the main bioactive protein in bovine colostrum, with a series of important biological functions of regulating immunity, promote growth and antitumor and so on. Therefore, the development and utilization of immunoglobulins (IgG) in bovine colostrum immunoglobulins is of great significance. (from: Wang Xuewan. The Isolation and Purification of Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulin from Bovine Colostrum IDI. Zhejiang University, 2011. Source: CNKI) 

Experts suggest can be appropriate to add some real qualified high quality colostrum for people who are with low immunity or in phase of infection risk.

Bovine colostrum is the milk within 3 days after cows calving (source from: Baidu Baike), that is to say, each dairy cow is with only three days of bovine colostrum capacity, on an average day milk yield of about 30kgs, only 90kgs of bovine colostrum around per cow for one year, most of which is need to feed their babies. Only 1 kg powder can be got in the makeup period of every 7 kgs bovine colostrum, and that is secret why it is extremely precious.

Bovine colostrum is mixed into each Bene Win's full cream and skim milk powder (1kgs per bag), namely the IgG content of 300mg/100g.

lactoferrin can be got in the refining process period of every 17kgs of fresh milk, and that is why we name it as "Bene Win Lactoferrin milk powder".

Currently, most of exist milk in the market uses the production technology of high temperature or ultra-high temperature sterilization, which may result in the loss of milk nutrition. Pasteruized Milk remains more nutrition, but its shelf life is too short to drink timely for all people every day.

Bene Win milk powder seeks the dry and wet mixing process technology, adopting their advantages together from low temperature wet spraying and dry mixing with two golden proteins (lactoferrin and colostrum). And, using nitrogen preservation in powder package to remain more nutrition and keep long guarantee time.

Drinking Bene Win milk powder, offer you more health protection. Bene Win team is always committed to the development and supply of high quality dairy products to bring more health protection for people aged 3 to 100, taking all materials 100% from Australia to launch new milk drinking life "Good milk with great lactoferrin, one cup every day for whole solution".